Photoshop or Sketch – 5 things to consider

Photoshop vs Sketch

Hey you, so here is my first post!

Why I have decided to try Sketch?

  1. You are a Designer! That means you are constantly dealing with cutting edge technologies in the web world. You have to be updated with all the new staff that going on. Why? Because you are the best person to do it. Designers daily routine includes constant inspiration research. That gives our eyes and brain some food. While wondering around the web, we constantly bumps into a new technology, new plugins, that can make our life easier, new sites with graphic design resources, new people to follow after, and yes new programs. And I think we should at least try. So if you are a designer you are the best person on your team to bring  new stuff to the table.
  2. It’s free. As simple as that. Most programs have a free trial period, so you will not waste any money. And there is a possibility that the new program is better.
  3. Working with a new program causes our brain to think in a different way. We are deep in our routine and new things can change the way we think in a good way. It’s kinda like drawing with your left hand. Here is a link to an interesting article.
  4. If you are a UI Designer it looks like that Sketch is a better tool for you. Photoshop still a main program designers uses today, but it was not build for this purpose. Here is a list of main Sketch features you may consider:
  • Responsive grid guides
  • Layer and Text Styles
  • A bunch of plugins
  • Great export features

And so on…

5. Stay updated! Design rules, trends and methods change constantly, you don’t want to stay behind.


Avocode–the web-based program that enables designers to go from PSD or Sketch to code–has compiled an infographic that looks at the usage behavior of designers with regards to Sketch and Photoshop.


Take a look