Few words about me!

My name is Yulia Litvinov. I am a graphic designer, specializing in the fields of UX/UI design, web design, graphic design and branding.

I started to design stuff at the ripe age of 6. I had always anticipated the holiday season so that I could start making greetings cards and send them to everyone I knew. I was cutting, gluing, painting and sewing.  And it won’tjust one card per person! It was bunch of different shapes and colors for each member of my family. It was one of my happiest memories of my childhood. I loved the feeling that I can create something new that will make people happy.

So time went by and I majored in Economics and Management at Bar Ilan University and then worked for a while at a bank. And I thought–Why no choose a job you love, and not work a day in your life? So I went to Sapir College and got a degree in Graphic and Interactive Design. It was one of the most challenging and exciting times of my life. Since graduating in 2011, I worked at one of the leading marketing agencies in Israel – Yehoshua/TBWA. I had a chance to design for amazing brands like LG, Toyota, Beko and more. Two years later I joined a very creative and talented small-team at a startup company with an awesome product – Duda.co. I worked at Duda for three years as a product designer. Since then I worked with different sized startups as a freelance product designer, providing conceptualization and design of solutions from start to completion.

After some time I took my passion to the next level and started my own design studio – Fluidesign. At Fluidesign we believe in Human centered design, we work hard to provide beautifully designed products that bring value to clients and their customers.

Please feel free to contact me, share with me your thoughts or comments.

See you soon.